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 Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
Last year I rode my mountain bike from Butte, Montana to Silverthorne, Coloado. This year I will be riding from Silverthorne, Coloado to Antelope Well, New Mexico on the Mexican border starting on July 10th for 10-14 days and 1050+ miles. You can follow my progress on my GPS Satellite Tracker below.

  1. Instagram - I will post pictures taken during the day.

  2. Garmin Tracker - You can see my progress on a map. My GPS cordinates is uploaded every 10 minutes.

  3. Track Leaders - Another map where you can follow progress.

  4. Elevation Profile - Profile graph of route
        - Extra Large
        - Large
        - Medium
        - Small
        - Extra Small

  5. Detailed list of POI - PDF of all locations along the route.

  6. Detailed Map - Google maps with waypoints of locations to stop.

  7. YouTube - You can see my videos on my YouTube channel from 2018.

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